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Directors Nominees (Luxembourg) SA

Offshore Management Group

Trust Services SA.
Nipolo Trading In.
Corona Export Traders In.
JMC Babs Inc.
Distribuidora Technoagraria Amaya & Cia SA.
Artemis International Corporation
Taboga Export Traders Inc.
East West Import Export Inc.
Fortuna Holdings SA.
ABHA Finance Inc.
Gulf Trust & Credit SA.
Gulf Trust & Nominee Service SA.
Nevis Trust Services SA.
Corona Traders Inc
Corona Marine Holdings (Isle of Man) Ltd.
Corona Aviation Holdings (Nevis) SA.
Trust Services International SA.
Copenhagen Trust Services SA.

Fairfield Investments Ltd.
Intrinsic Management Ltd.
Hallmark Engineering Company Limited.
Siglo Limited
Potsdam Advisory Est. Limited.
Zenith Management Group Ltd.
Webbco International Limited.
First National Securities Limited.
Denver International Corp.
Pollution Control International Limited.

River Island Investment Ltd.
Jetstream Overseas Investments Limited
Sampdoria Limitred.
CC Management Limited.
Nealder Limited.
Fidelius Limited.
Glenwood Engineering.
Glenwood Investment Management Service.
Neuben Holdings Limited.
Turks Holdings Limited.

Transtrading Overseas Limited.
Thornton Investments Limited.
Taldar Investments Limited.
South Atlantic Investments Limited.
Window Holdings Limited.
Windbridge Enterprises.
Cagney Holdings Limited.
Bassett Investment Company Limited.
Delton Investments Limited.
All Paper Trading Company Limited.

Uberseeische Handles Ltd.
Sari Suomi Development Ltd.
Ashmore Company Limited.
G.Kewalram & Sons (HK) Ltd.
Nasec S.A.
Brownwood Sercurities Limited.
Overseas Securities Limited.
Tago Investments Limited.
Gana Investments Ltd.
Windcrest Holdings Corporation Limited.
Northcom Corporation Limited.
Quest Investments Limited.
Mercantile Investment Group Inc.
Harimon Investments Ltd.
Camora Holdings S.A.
Compania Holdings Group.
Campania Holdings Group.
Amelin International Corp & Production.
Arco International Exploration.
Sepgarlo Company Limited.
Lifrod Limited.
Development Imvestment Inc.
Agrimpex International Inc.
FPYP Investment Holdings Limited.
Mercator Commerce International.
Sand Key Limited.
Diamond Head Limited.
Eastwood Ltd.
Cascarilla Limited.
Badminton Investments Ltd.

Neybar Limited.
Denk Investment Company Limited.
Transcontinental Development Corp Ltd.
Crail Limited.
Barra Limited.
Galt Investments Limited.
Garco Commodities Trading Limited.
Plymouth Investments Limited.
Decada Enterprises Limited.
Safe Investment Limited.
Veg-Tech Limited.
19th Century Investments Limited.
Unicas Investments Limited.
Puerto Investments Limted. 
Pacific Investment and Estate Limited.
Jargon Investment Limited
Hornet Shipping Company Limited.
Badger International Limited.
Muro Investments Limited.
Rank Investments Holdings Company Ltd
Kenmar (TTF) Limited.
Clansman Ltd.
Siret Investments Limited.
Zurich Investments Limited.
Fenique Investments GmbH.
Pater Enterprises Limited.
Zurich Investments GmbH.
Global Transport Network Limited.
Eastwest Carriers Limited.
RAL International Ltd.

Axiom Corporation.
Ginko Limited.
NLB Engineering Inc.
Ballard International Limited.
Envirotech International Corp.
PCF Foundation Limited.
Sud Investment Managers Ltd.
Viking Enterprises Ltd.
Custom Projects Ltd.
Dois Centauri Ltd.
Beta Enterprises Ltd.
Mildred Too Investments Ltd.
Tipacs Ltd.
Thorite Ltd.
Wolfram Ltd.
Astragale Ltd.
Telephone Business Bureau Ltd.
Ridgeway Enterprises Limited.
Woodfield Investments Limited.
Melton Investment Limited.

Viceroy Management Ltd.
Parasel Investments Limited.
Avenue Corporate Services Limited.
Marcella Investments (1989) Limited.
Eatons Investments (1989) Limited.
X-Tension Group International Limited.
Farmers Supply Company Limited.
Baleares Limited.
Nasbare & Company Limited.
Maxiflex Enterprises Limited.

APM Property Management Limited.
Impex Fruit Quinentos Seis S.A.
Rickson Limited.
Graston Limited.
Wetherby Fashions Limited.
National Sec. Limited.
Smart Records Incorporated.
Blue Sky Industries Limited.
TAC Marketing Limited.
Impex Overseas Limited.

MPN Maintenance Services Limited.
Global Clean Air Management Limited.
SIM Valleyfields Marketing Ltd.
Trading International Limited.
Bolton Euroinvest Ltd.
OAM Properties Limited.
Trojan International In Eagle.
Foundation Properties Incorporated.
Foundation Properties.
Bridge Consultants Limited.

Stonecraft Developments Limited.
Altenergy Tools Inc.
Hannah Holdings Inc.
Aikuutsu Incorporated.
Secunda Engineering Services Limited.
ELO Entertainments Limited.
Dawlen Limited.
Corporate Secretaries Limited.
Intermark Ltd.
Caribbean Star Ltd.

Cambier Incorporated.
Mariposa (Luxembourg) S.A.
Aprelew International S.A.
Artemys Trading (Jersey) Ltd.
Anton Trading S.A.
Taris Trading S.A.
Elistan Holdings Inc.
Davia Finance S.A.
Martindale Development S.A.
Drawn Finance S.A.
Dijon Investments (Int'l) Ltd.
Loire International Ltd.
Slick Properties S.A.
Marina Industries S.A.
Halomac Investment Corp.
Donstain Investments S.A.
Melix Media S.A.
Genevive Properties S.A.
Halpin Nominees S.A.
Gerrard Sporting Agency S.A.
Matlin Holdings S.A.
GDL Trustees S.A.
CCC Holdings (Denmark).
Edwards Aviation S.A.
Marine Holdings International
Kirchenburg Properties A.G.
Duisberg Holdings GmbH.
Frankfurt Holdings GmbH.
Flensburg Holdings GmbH.
Frankfurt (A1) GmbH

Altea Investments S.A.
Farmtec S.A.
Bonatan S.A.
Mercor S.A.
Mauritius Ltd.
Dagos Ltd.
Field Branch Inc.
Tafira International Inc.
Consenco Investment Ltd.
Rholles International Inc.

EFG Holdings (Luxembourg) S.A.
Schroders Property Investments S.A.
Kelmix Holdings SA.

Davincci Group Holdings SA.
Delvinna Marine Holdings (Isle of Man) Limited.
Tafire International Aviation (Isle of Man) Ltd.
Concetrico Nominees SA.
Concentrico Marine Holdings SA.
Concentrica Aviation (Isle of Man) Limited.
Mezanine Group Holdings (Jersey) Limited.
Portcullis Trustnet S.A.
Trustcot Management Holdings (Jersey) Ltd.

Trustcoat Corporate Holdings SA.
Tremayne Holdings SA.
Tremayne Group Holdings SA.
Tillison Holdings SA.
Tillison Property Group (Isle of Man).
Tillison Property A1 Inc.
Telmex Holdings SA.
Telmex Property Group (Jersey) Limited.

Zera Investments.
Quince Nominees.

Harlequin Nominees.
Chase Nominees Limited.
Hanover Nominees Limited.
Littledown Nominees Limited.
Chasedown Nominees.
Lightfields Nominees.
Gresham Nominees S.A.
Gresham Secretaries SA.
Guaranty Nominees Limited.
Stanlife Nominees Limited.
MSTC Nominees Limited.
KAS Nominees Ltd.
Nortrust Nominees Ltd.
IBI Nominees Ltd.
Northern Trust Nominees (Ireland).
Pershing Nominees S.A.
Cheviot Capital (Nominees) Limited.
Quilter Nominees Ltd.
Roy Nominees Limited.
Redmayne (Nominees) Limited.
Redmayne Nominees PEP Limited.
Smith & Williamson Nominees Limited.
State Street Nominees Ltd.
SMT Trustees (Ireland) Limited.
BNY (Nominees) Limited.
The Bank of New York (Luxembourg) S.A.
Bank of New York (Nominees) Ltd.
Collateral Nominees Ltd.

Artona Holding S.A.
Bourbon Nominees S.A
Bourbon Holdings S.A.
Bourbon Investments S.A.
Bourbon Services S.A.
Express (Nominees) Limited.
Newhaven Nominees (CI) Limited.
Republic Nominees Limited.
Davycrest Nominees (Dublin).
A & H Nominees Limited.
S2KI Nominees Inc.
S1TL Nominees Inc.
HN Nominees S.A.
Luxco Investments S.A.
Luxco Trust Fund S.A.
Oppenheimer Nominees S.A.
Savouir S.A.
Fritsch & Grozinger.
Grainger Lemanuier S.A.
Helix Corporation.
Centaurus Nominees Ltd.
Cashir House Holdings S.A.
Marine Line Capital Ltd.
Greensky Investments Corp.
Metropol Management S.A.
Goldfinger Investments Limited.
Fairdeal Management Limited.
Daltas Group S.A.
Hisango Limited.
Fairleigh Property Holdings Limited.

TAG Group (Holdings) S.A.
Concilium (Luxembourg) S.A.
Centerbridge Partners (Luxembourg) S.A
Invista European GmbH.
Elysee Associates S.A.
BNY (Nominees) Limited.
Securities Services Nominees Limited.
Harewood Nominees Limited.
Victoire Nominees Limited.
Antin Nominees Limited
Aurora Nominees Limited.
Lynchwood Nominees Limited.
Luna Nominees Limited.
Brown Brothers Harriman Trustee.
Camocon SPIA Ltd.
Ashdale Investment Trust Services Ltd.
Citibank Nominees (Luxembourg).
N.C.B. Trust Limited.
National City Nominees Limited.
CUIM Nominee Limited.
Citifriends Nominee Limited.
Citibank London Nominees Limited.
Vidacos Nominees Limited.
Computershare Services Nominees.
Computershare Company Nominees Ltd.
Davy Nominees Ltd.
Euroclear Nominees Limited.
Skerries Nominees Ltd.
Goodbody Stockbrokers Nominees Ltd.
Aurum Nominees.

Athos Management SA.
Select Finance Ltd.
Cannock SA.
Kelburn Development Ltd.
Lean Associates SA.
Remy Investrment Corp.
Reverdy Investments SA.
Finmere Inc.
Merrit Equities Inc.
Limmat SA.
Kollns Investments SA.
Barwick Management Limited.
Filo Equities Ltd.
Elco Holding Inc.
Select Fnance Ltd.
Elya SA.
Sofinex Investments SA.
Darian Investment SA.
Reigate Holdings (Jersey)Ltd.
KXK Consulting (Luxembourg) SA.
BTS Trading Inc.
Serene Holdings SA.
Helix Holdings (Jersey) SA.
Helix Holdings (Cayman) SA.
Helix Holdings (Bahamas) SA.
Jackson Group Holdings (Luxembourg).
Farmore Holdings (Jersey) SA.
Deakin Holdings SA.
Deakin (A1) Holdings (Luxembourg) SA.
Ardmore Investments SA.

Nomura Global Fund SICAV Funds.
Nomura International PLC Funds.
Nordea-1 SICAV Funds.
Oasis  Global Management Company (Ireland).
Octopus Investments Limited Funds.
Odey Asset Management Funds.
Old Mutual Fund Managers Limited Funds.
OPM Fund Management Funds.
Oppenheim Asset Mgmt Services Sarl Funds.
Pall Mall Investment Management Ltd Funds.
Parsec Financial Management Inc Funds.
Payden & Rygel Funds.
Pictet Funds (Europe) SA Funds.
PIMCO Funds-GlBl Investment Series Funds.
Pimco Global Advisors (Ireland) Limited Funds.
Pioneer Asset Management SA Funds.
Polar Capital  Partners Limited Funds.
Polunin Capital  Partners Limited Funds.
Premier Asset Management Funds.
Premier Portfolio Managers Limited Funds.
Prestige Asset Management Limited Funds.
Principal Global Investors (Asia) Ltd Funds.
Principal Global Investors (UK) Funds.
Psigma Asset Management Funds.
Putnam Investments (Ireland) Limited Funds.
Putnam Investments Limited Funds.
Quadrant International Management Funds.
Quest Management NV Funds.
R&H Fund Services (Jersey) Limited Funds.
RAB Capital PLC Funds.

Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-GmBH Funds.
Rathbone Unit Trust Mngt Limited Funds.
Rensburg Fund Management Limited Funds.
River and Mercantile Asset Mngt Funds.
Bluecrest Capital Management.
RCM (UK) Limited Funds.
Reliance Unit Trust Managers Limited Funds.
Rensburg Fund Management Limited Funds.
RMF Asset Management AG Funds.
RMF Investment Management Funds.
Robeco Asset Management Funds.
First State Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd Funds.

OCR have are proud to have formed over 45,000 companies & trusts via their sister companies, Directors Nominees (Luxembourg) SA & Offshore Management Group.
We take pride in our high quality customer service and currently have lawyers, accountants & nominees from around the world working for us to help you achieve the best in company, trust & holding company formation.

Marine       Aviation

Process Agent

International companies often enter into legal agreements governed by a law foreign to their home country. They often do not have the necessary registered address to accept ‘service of process’ and therefore require registered and process agent services. OCR Group, with over 6,500 experts in more than 80 countries, is one of the world’s leading providers of registered and process agent services. Our local teams of lawyers, company secretaries and paralegals work with clients and intermediaries across the world to achieve this legal requirement.

We offer a standardised global service in which our appointment as a process agent covers service for documents relating to contracts, transaction documents, International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) agreements and structured finance documentation. We can also receive notices on behalf of overseas companies with or without a locally registered branch. Our fees are typically fixed payments and cover the lifetime of the document(s) we are appointed under.

Directorship & Officer Services

Experienced, independent,skilled & knowledgeable professionals

Our Directors and Officers utilize their many years of experience in corporate governance and operational excellence to support the boards of our client’s business entities.

Highly qualified directors & officers

There are several different types of business entities that can benefit from the services of our highly qualified Directors and Officers; these may include for example, the financing vehicle of a reputable multinational enterprise or the new sales office of a business experiencing rapid global growth. With years of experience in corporate governance, we know what it takes to keep our clients fully compliant and in a good legal standing.

With a presence in more than 80 countries, we are able to support the corporate needs of our global clients, wherever they want to grow and invest. Our team of Directors and Officers have the experience necessary to handle the broad spectrum of governance and operational needs, helping our client’s business entities remain compliant within an environment of ever increasing legal and regulatory requirements. Ensuring full compliance with accounting, corporate secretarial, tax and human resource obligations begins and ends with an experienced and dependable Director or Officer.

We can manage all aspects of corporate governance. Our Directors and Officers can count on the administrative support of more than 5,500 qualified accountants, lawyers, corporate secretaries, HR and other professionals. As a global provider of accounting, corporate secretarial, tax compliance and management services, we provide a truly integrated service with optimal levels of communication and ease of business.

What we can do to help

We are able to fulfil a variety of directorship and officer role types on behalf of the entities of our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate governance director
  • Supervisory board member
  • Fund/SICAV director
  • Trustee
  • Resident director
  • Proxyholder/Attorney-in-fact
  • Non-executive director
  • Registered agent/Process agent

The activities of our clients differ and so do their needs. We actively engage with our clients to tailor our service offering to their individual needs. In addition to the provision of a Directors or Officers, our services include:

  • Registration and appointment of directors or officers with the relevant authorities, banks and other institutions
  • Coordination, organisation and hosting of board and other meetings
  • Preparation of board packs, minutes and other reports
  • Review of financial accounts and business transactions
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Bank account management
  • Assistance in searching for and/or appointment of co-directors with specific industry expertise
  • Support in procuring Directors & Officers liability insurance
  • Registered address and fully equipped office space

What sets our directorship & officers apart ?

Choosing board representation via our directorship and officer services offers a number of advantages:

  • Quality and experience – Our Directors and Officers are selected for their qualifications, skills and experience in company management and they are trained to keep up to speed with the latest developments in corporate governance.
  • Continuity – With a large pool of Directors and Officers, continuity is assured.
  • Global reach and local presence – We operate in more than 120 offices in over 80 jurisdictions, covering all regions of the world.
  • Single provider – In addition to directorship & officer services, we also provide accounting, tax compliance, corporate secretarial, reporting and payroll services.

Interested in our directorship and officer services or have any questions? Please fill in our e mail form today, with details of your directorship request and we’ll get in touch with you to provide more details.

Registered office address & mail handling services

Your official company address abroad

OCR Group can help you establish a registered office to be the official address of your incorporated company, association or other legal entity and can also help you find an appropriate physical premise via our global office brokerage service.

OCR Group, with over 6,500 experts in more than 80 countries, has over 25 years’ experience in offering registered office address and mail handling services. Our local teams of lawyers, company secretaries and paralegals work with clients and intermediaries across the world to ensure companies have an official address abroad.

Registered office address

This service is aimed at multinational companies that require an address abroad without setting up a physical office themselves. T OCR Group provides the official address of international entities in addition to other available corporate secretarial services as detailed below.

Mail handling services

OCR Group can be assigned to open and scan all mail received by international entities and forward a soft copy of the relevant documents to a designated company contact.

Mail Box Service

  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
  • 24 hour access via key card.
  • Night duty security staff.
  • We wil Fax or text registered box owner when deliveries made.
  • Iphone & Android monitoring via mobile app (link up to our CCTV cameras).
  • Mailboxes within inner room.
  • Four different sized mail boxes to choose from.
  • Mail can be forwarded to private office/residential address, by next day delivery.

Our corporate nominee services include:

Bankers: eurobank fund management company (luxembourg) sa.

A & S Management (Jersey) Ltd.
Audina Trust S.A.
Lux Global Trust Services S.A.
Camira Holdings S.A.
Carmorra Trust S.A.
Directors Nominees (Europe) Ltd.
Directors Nominees (Worldwide) Ltd.
Dryden Associates S.A.
EFG Trust Company Ltd.
EFG Trust International Holdings S.A.

Rawlinson & Hunter S.A.
Safar Property Holdings S.A.
Safran Property Holdings S.A.
St James Nominees Ltd.
Synergix S.A.
TMF Group (BVI) Ltd.
Trident Trust S.A.
Trust Corp Ltd.
UBS Trustees (Jersey) Ltd.
USA Corporate Services Inc (Albany)

Elementa A.G.
Epsilon Nominees S.A.
Equity Trust (BVI) Ltd
European Business Centre S.A.
Hillrose Nominees S.A.
Jersey Management Ltd.
Moormead Property Holdings Ltd.
Ocra Property Holdings S.A.
Orion International Holdings S.A.

Vectra Holdings SA.
Vistra Company & Trust Formation S.A.
Vistra Holdings S.A.
Zurich Nominnees S.A.
Zorin Holdings S.A.
Zorin Nominees Ltd
Zorin Nominees S.A.
Cafco Incorporations S.A.
Cafco Incorporations (Jersey).
Cafco Trust Formation S.A.
Heath Holdings Group SA.
Goldstar Equity Traders SA.
Arenit Systems Ltd.
Dominant Offset Ltd.
Scorto Universal Ltd.
Palero Commerce Ltd.
Rayda Resources Limited.
Kentano Properties Ltd.
Denaya Enterprises Ltd.
Boxled Enterprises Ltd.
Jelena Incorporations (Jersey).
Portcullis Mevista Nominees SA.
Jackson-Woodward Nominees SA.
Croftwick International Ltd.
Barion Consulting Ltd.
Transstar Oil Group Ltd.
Akerto Trading Ltd.
Pinewell Markets Ltd.
Nordic Consulting Ltd.
Alteza Investments Limited.

Jadaw Property Group SA.
Jadaw Nominees SA.
Ramsfield Nominees SA.
Ramsfield Secretaries SA.
Prestige Property Management(Luxembourg) S.A.
Jersey Property Management.
Ventura Property (Guernsey) Ltd.
Canary Wharf Serviced Apartments S.A.
Canary Wharf Property Management.

London & Manchester Property S.A.
Volaw Trust & Corporate Services Ltd.
Global Trust Management S.A.
Global Serviced Apartments S.A.
Global Trust Formation S.A.
Global Nominees (Luxembourg) S.A.
Global Offshore A1 Account
Global Offshore A1 Account (BVI).
Global Offshore (Hong Kong).
Ramsfield Holdings S.A.

Fulmer Holdings Group SA.
Kantata Group Holdings SA.
Kantata Property Holdings SA.
Kantata Nominees SA.
Jelena Holdings SA.
Jelena Nominees SA.
Felwood Nominees SA.
Felwood Secretaries SA.
Suffolk Group Holdings SA.
Health Statistics Group Holdings SA.

Serviced Apartments International SA.
Paris Property Management SA.
Luxembourg Property  Management SA.
Luxembourg Business Centre SA.
Guernsey Serviced Apartments SA.   
Richmond Secretaries SA.
Euro Business Centres SA.
Global Company Formation SA.
Kensington Real Estate Development.
Knightsbridge Holdings (Jersey).

Richmond Property Group (Jersey)
Holland Park Property Group
Kensington Property Group
Chelsea Property Group
Jersey Management Ltd
Chelsea Property Holdings Ltd
Chelsea Property Management (Jersey)
Capital Investments SA.
Fairhold Holdings SA.
Belgrave Property Management

Rothschild Trust (Schweiz) AG
Zurich Property Investments A.G.
Swiss Chalet Investments A.G.
Swiss Property Group AG.
Zermatt Property Group (Zurich)
Zermatt Nominees AG.
Zermatt Trust Company Limited.
Carey Langlois Administration Ltd.
Carey Langlois Trust Company Limited.
Global Nominees (Guernsey)

Marlborough Trust Company Ltd.
Borough Holding Ltd.
Marlborough Pension Trustees Ltd.
Macro Investments Ltd.
Magnetise Group Ltd.
Cycle Alert (Guernsey) Ltd.
Web Media  (Guernsey).
Trico  SA.
Trico Property Group SA.
Elland Technologies Ltd.

Pioneer Holdings Ltd.
Marlborough Nominees Ltd.
Connaught Place Pcc Ltd (Guernsey).
Streit Property Limited (Guernsey).
Goldenpeaks Capital Management Ltd.
FRM Diversified Alpha Ltd. (Guernsey).
Acorn Lifestyle Ltd (Guernsey).
Hillstone Guernsey Ltd.
Aztec Financial Services (Guernsey Ltd.
Gaoh Offshore (Guernsey) Ltd.

Capital Investments Guernsey)
Trico Trust (Guernsey).
Raven Russia Ltd
Raven Holdings (Guernsey)
Raven Nominees (Guernsey)
Raven Property Investments (Guernsey).
Saints Bay Trust Co Ltd (Guernsey).
Pharmacon Ltd (Guernsey).
Zimplats Holdings (Guernsey).
Legis Fund Services (Guernsey) Ltd.

Vistra Fund Services (Guernsey) Ltd.
Vistra Offshore (Guernsey) Fund.
Sei Investments (Guernsey) Limited.
Business Consultancy Services Ltd.
Kabi Properties Limited (Jersey).
White Rainbow Limited (Jersey).
Vallar Holding Company (Jersey).
Cale Holdings Limited (Jersey).
Goodman Finance (Jersey) Ltd.
Madara Bulgarian Property Fund (Jersey)
Mawson Collins (Guernsey) Ltd.
Hamilton Management Services Limited.
Intertrust (Guernsey) Limited.
Elite Business Services Limited.
Seaton Trustees (Jersey) Ltd.
TCM Group International.
Forbrit Corporate Director 4 Ltd.
Zurich Financial Services (UKISA) Ltd.
TSL Investments Ltd.
Barlow World (Jersey) Ltd.
Doric Nimrod Air Three Limited.
Apax Global Alpha Limited.
EQT Funds Management Ltd.
Anson Limited.
Gas shipping & Transport (Jersey) Ltd.
Caxco Nominee Services (Jersey) Ltd.
Arx Equity Partners (Jersey) Ltd.
Cantel Investments (Jersey) Ltd.
Taliesin Property Fund Limted
Trustcorp Property (Jersey) Holdings.

Maybrook Investments (Jersey).
Maybrook Property Holdings S.A.
Maybrooke Developments S.A.
Mochito Service (Jersey)Ltd.
Zelwest Ltd.
Crestkiln (Jersey)Limited.
Jadaw Property Group (Jersey).
Jadaw Property Nominees SA.
Jadaw Secretaries SA.
Amskin International Holdings S.A.
Amskin Nominees Limited.
Amskin Nominees (Jersey) Limited.
Zip Union Ltd.
ABS Secretary Services Ltd.
Chelsea Property Selecticve S.A.
Netherlands Business Centres.
Castellum Global Limited.
Global Wealth Management Centre Ltd.
TCM Property Management Ltd.
TCM Nominees (Jersey).
TCM Holdings S.A.
Investments Holding Ltd.
Waterlow Nominees Limited.
Profit Management Group Ltd.
Nafta Management S.A.
Elbar Investments Limited.
Ballymena Investments Limited.

Lux Global Trust Services (Luxembourg).
Lux Global Trust Services (Netherlands).
Lux Global Trust Services (UK).
Lux Global Trust Services (Switzerland).
Lux Global Trust Services (Jersey).
Lux Global Trust Services (Liechtenstein).
Lux Global Trust Services (Cayman)
Lux Global Trust Services (BVI).
Lux Global Trust Services (Hong Kong).
Lux Global Trust Services ( Seychelles).

Forwood Properties Limited.
Universal Marine Development Corp.
Fransan Holdings Inc.
Corelia Associates Incorporated.
Benfield Equities SA.
Capital International SA.
Lindon SA.
Venture Capital Strategies Limited.
Tremont Capital Management Inc.
Tanley International Inc.
Crest Assets Management SA.
Knightsbridge Holdings SA.
Knightsbridge Property Management SA
Viseu International Holdings Limited.
Eastwood International Holdings Ltd.
Speare International Holdings Inc.
Balfour Associates Ltd.
Rubery Holdings Limited.
Tenor Holdings Ltd.
Koros Holdings Ltd.

Ardonel Properties SA.
Alpha Management Ltd.
Alpha Management (Bournemouth) Ltd.
Alpha Nominees Ltd.
Debut Nominees S.A.
Apollo Business Solution (PTY) Ltd.
Applegate Overseas Investment Ltd.
Arianda Holdings Ltd.
Atlanta Investment Limited.
Atlus Management Limited.
Axxes International Ltd.

Mayhill Property Investments Ltd.
Mayhill Property Ltd.
Nildren Property Management SA.
Intellect Trust (Switzerland) SA.
Salamanca Group Trust (Switzerland) SA.
Grange Gardens Nominees Limited.
Axxes International Ltd.
Basilica Overseas Ltd.
Beechwood Property Management Ltd.
Beechwood Real Estate Limited.
Black Sand Energy Limited.

Cattleya Holdings Ltd.
Italco Ltd.
LCR Holdings Inc.
Browhill Holdings Ltd.
Hendon Property Holdings (Jersey) Ltd.
BTG Holdings Ltd.
Norwood Holdings (Jersey)Limited.
Progest Investments SA.
Belair International Limited.
Glencorp West International SA.
Lines Overseas Management.


Crowdshed Nominees Ltd.
Metail Investment (N) Ltd.
FPGB Nominees Limited.
Synergy Nominees Limited.
Multrees (Nominees) Ltd.
SOF Annex Nominees Ltd.
HGCapital 7 Nominees Ltd.
Mainspring Nominees 5 Ltd.
Reyker Depositary (N) Ltd.
Arcadia Nominees Limited.

Psycle Nominees Limited.
Electron Nominees Limited.
Hartford Nominees Limited.
VBS Nominees Limited.
Elliot Wood Nominees Ltd.
British Pearl Nominees Ltd.
Happy People Nominees Ltd.
SH Finsbury Nominees Ltd.
Spayne Lindsay Nominees.
Holwood (Buckshaw) (N) Ltd.

Waterlow Nominees.
FLP Nominees Ltd.
JDM Nominees Ltd.
Ashdown Nominees Ltd
Hillcrest Nominees Ltd.
Godswell Park Nominees Ltd.
Tracker Nominees Nine Ltd.
Moore Nominees Ltd.
London Estate Nominees Ltd
FNZ Wealth Nominees Ltd.

CP European Services Limited
Hermes OFC999 Limited.
Shanti Construction Limited.
Linwest Properties Limited.
Glencove Properties Limited.
Vario Consulting Limited.
Frontier Alliance Limited.
Tiwai Capital Partners S.A.
DB Financial Holdings Ltd.
Finco Trust SA.
Asset Management Advisors Ltd.
PGP Investimento Ltd.
Frechter Trading Corp.
Artro Development Co., Inc.
Garden View Limited.
Mobiletones Limited.
Ben Hai Ltd.
Sauvignon Properties Inc.

Forvest Trust.
FS Solutions & Services Ltd.
RXTA & Co. S.A.
Mowbray Systems Ltd
Global Energy Offshore Services Limited.
Fronteir Alliance Ltd.
Simka Limited.
Morgan Commerce Limited.

International Management & Trust.
Chromos International Corporation.
Inkwood Limited.
Media Investment Partners Inc.
Whitehall Investing Limited.
Tiwai Logistics S.A.
Telcom Marketing Limited.
Huntervale Limited.
Harcourt Europe S.A.
Brenta Holding Limited.
Moorecrest Ltd.
Gold Hill Properties Corp.
Copihue Holding Ltd.
Ambrossy Development Group S.A.
Odets International Inc.
Smart View Management Ltd.
Inversions San Francisco S.A.
Carrera Management Inc.
Bristol Holdings Limited.
RPM Nominee Ltd.
Elgar Properties Ltd.
Netko Corporation.
Computer Services Consulting Inc.
Ainesse International Limited.
Greger Assets Management Ltd.
Caird Development Limited.
Pineridge Investments Holdings Ltd.
Evander S.A.
Warnly Management Holdings Corp.
European Investments Company Inc.

ABM Corporate Services Ltd.
AJK Corporate Services (BVI) Limited.
A.J.K. Corporate Management Inc.
A.J.K. Corporate Adminisration Inc.
AMS Trustees Limited.
AMS Financial Services Limited.
Arawak Trust Company Limited.
Corporate Registrations Limited.
ATU General Trust (BVI) Limited.
ATU Corporate Secretaries Ltd.

Beeston Management &Trustees(BVI)Ltd
Merco Trustees (BVI) Limited.
Serco 823 Account Management Limited.
Verity Management Limited.
Sage Mountain Directors (BVI) Ltd.
Abacus Trust & Management Services.
Abacus Corporate Services Limited.
Abacus Management Limited.
Abacus Managers Limited.
Abacus Nominee Limited.

Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee (BVI) Ltd
Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez (BVI) Limited.
Amerlink Management & Trust Co Ltd.
Amerlink Services Inc. (ASI).
Amicorp B.V.I. Limited.
Amicorp (B.V.I.) Trustees Ltd.
Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega Trust Co (BVI).
Arifa Trustees Limited.
Belmont Trust Limited.
Fides Trustees Limited.

Goerdeler Limited.
Klynveld Limited.
Services Fiduciare S.A.
CCS Trustees Limited.
Horizon Corporate Consultants Limited.
CISA Trust Company (BVI) Ltd.
Fletcher International (BVI) Ltd.
Global Corporate Services (BVI) Ltd.
Universal International Mngmt (BVI) Ltd.
Worldwide Secretarial Services (BVI) Ltd.

Citco Trust Corporation Limited.
B.V.I. Corporation Company Limited
B.V.I. Liquidators Limited.
Caribbean Corporation Company Limited
Citco B.V.I. Limited.
Citco Trustees (BVI) Ltd.
Inter Caribbean Services Limited
Inter Atlantic Services Limited.
Securitas Management Services Corp.
Tortola Corporation Company Limited.

Tortrust Corporation Company Limited.
Trans Caribbean Management N.V.
Celtic Trust Company Limited.
Conyers Trustee Services (BVI) Limited.
Conyers Director (BVI) Limited.
Conyers Trust Company (BVI) Limited.
Codan Director Services Limited.
Commence Overseas Limited.
Commence Trustees Limited.
Commonwealth Trust Limited.

Crestway Holdings Limited.
Harlequin Holdings Limited.
Harlequin Investments Limited
Harlequin Property Holdings Limited.
Harlequin Secretaries Limited.
Cresthaven Nominees Limited.
J.D Holdings Limited.
Alder Property Holdings Limited.
Glebe Property Holdings Limited.
Coverdale Property Holdings Limited.

Charterhouse Wealth Limited.
Harlequin Nominees Limited.
Earnley Nominees Limited.
Alder Nominees Limited.
Mainspring (4) Nominees Limited.
RTT Nominees Limited.
Glebe Nominees Limited.
Patty Nominees Limited.
SM Clent Nominees Limited.
Greencoat Nominees Limited.

Crestway Holdings Limited.
Harlequin Holdings Limited.
Harlequin Investments Limited.
Harlequin Property Holdings Limited.
Harlequin Secretaries Limited.
Cresthaven Nominees Limited.
J.D. Holdings Limited.
Alder Property Holdings Limted.
Glebe Property Holdings Limited.
Coverdale Property Holdings Limited.

Imperial Trust (Jersey) Limited.
Imperial Property Holdings(Jersey) SA.
Sealight Trust Limited.
Corporate Agents (BVI) Limited.
Coverdale Asset Management Limited.
Coverdale Directors Limited.
Coverdale Secretaries Limited.
Coverdale Shareholders Limited.
Coverdale Trustees Limited.
Crescent Corporate Services Limited.
BW Offshore Cyprus Ltd.
Aker Solutions Cyprus Ltd.
TDK Offshore Solutions Ltd.
Woodley Property Holdings Limited.
J.D. Property Holdings Limited.
A10 Holdings Limited.
A1 Account Property Holdings Limited
WSD Property Holdings Limited.
WSA Property Management Limited.
Delaware Property Holdings Limited.
Schubler Investments (Property) Ltd.
Jemson Property Investments Limited.
Jemson(EY) Account Limited.
Jemson(UK) Account Limited.
Jemson(NL) Account Limited.
Jemson(DE) Account Limited.
Jemson(AE) Account Limited.
Directors Nominees (A1) Property Ltd.
Abaxis Aviation Holdngs Limited.
Abaxis Marine Holdings Limited.

Meridian Family Trust Formation SA.
Kirzenburg Holdings (Luxembourg) SA.,
18 Rue Jean Monnet,
L-2180 Luxembourg.

Astor Family Trust (Jersey).
Montreaux Family Trust (Jersey).
Constable Family Trust (Jersey).
Harbin Family Trust (Jersey).
Tegra Family Trust (Jersey).
Fortescue-Blythe Family Trust (BVI).
Colesee Family Trust (BVI).
Jerricho Family Trust (Cayman) Limited.
Fransey Family Trust (Cayman) Limited.
Graham Family Trust (BVI) Limited

Fonsecat Family Trust (Panama).
Schubler Family Trust (Delaware).
Merrit-Gibson Family Trust (BVI).
de Noailles Family Trust (Monaco).
de Wald-Kingston Family Trust (Cayman).
Fitzwilliam Family Trust (BVI).
Theander Family Trust (Cayman).
Johnson Family Trust (Cayman).
Belgrave Family Trust.
Corrinthian-Jelkes Family Trust (Monaco)

WGF Family Trust (BVI).
Monaco Family Holdings (BVI).
Grimaldi Family Holdings (Monaco).
Wurtemburg Family Trust (BVI).
Schwerin Family Trust (BVI).
Schlosser Family Trust (BVI).
Mossacklin Famly Trust (BVI).
detreimer-pakke Family Trust(BVI)
Rowntree-Phllips Family Trust (BVI).
Teinker-Wald Family Trust (BVI).

Safran Family Trust (BVI).
Moores Family Trust (Cayman).
Trustcorp (BVI) Limited.
Trustcorp (USA) Limited.
Trustcorp (Singapore) Limited.
Trustcorp (UK) Limited.
Trustcorp (Hong Kong) Limited.
Trustcorp (Cook Islands) Limited.
JF2 Family Trust.
Jenkins-Parfit Family Trust (Jersey) Ltd.
Larsen & Risley.
Sosnik Bell & Co.
TR Family Trust (Cook Islands).
Twin Peaks Trustee (Cook Islands) Ltd.
Zalac Family Trust.
Swanson Family Trust 
ADL Family Tust (Jersey)
A1 Account Family Trust (Delaware)
Jackson-Phillips Family Trust (Jersey).
de Grootre Family Trust (Seychelles).
Montefort Family Trust SA.
Ellson-Watts Family Trust SA.
A2 Account Family Trust (Seychelles).
A3 Account Family Trust (Jersey).
Maxim Family Trust (Jersey).
Havering Family Trust (Delaware).
de Zuigllian-Scweinz Family Trust Jersey.
de Koort Family Trust (Monaco).
Ellison Family Trust (Jersey).
Weiberg Family Trust (Jersey).

Diedel Limited.
Zortey Holdings In.
Times Square Holding SA.
Neelstock Company Inc.
Norril Real Estate Ltd.
Uralcan Asset Mngt Inc.
Oak Int'l. Fiduciary SA.
Rawsley Asset Ltd.
Bibra Lakes Investments Ltd.
Rhone Gestion SA.
Rewat Engineering Ltd.
Olefin Trading Ltd.
Borade SA.
Onar Marketing Ltd.
Arling Finance Limited.
Dade Delay Conseil.
Piano  Global SA.
Omicron Management Ltd.
Omicron Corporate Holdings.
Zigmar Holdings SA.
Joy Kit Hold Investments Ltd.
Sun Fair International Ltd.
Proton Holdings SA.
Paradise Trading Ltd.
Golden Space Holdings Ltd.
Enet Studio Inc.
Great Will Holdings Ltd.
Unify Power Holdings Ltd.
Golden Best International Ltd
Sim 397 Entertainment Ltd.

Ferrex Holdings Ltd.
Sunbase International Holdings Ltd.
Top Kind Holdings Group Ltd.
Girluma Management SA.
Farangort Inc.
Win World (Holdings) Co Ltd.
Fortune Wind Holdings Ltd.
Intersun Limited.
Fortune Wind International Ltd.
President Restaurants Holdings Ltd.
Piona Ltd.
Daven Hill Assets Limited.
Alpha Middle East Holdings Ltd.
Jet 85 Media Inc.
Samco R.E. Ltd.
Master World Group Holdings Ltd.
Dr Eli Murlakov (Zurich).
Kal (VI) Trade International Ltd.
Elko Group Holdings Ltd.
Kal (VI) Trade Limited.
TNG Trade & Commodities Ltd.
Impressum Verlag Ltd.
Lobat Technologies International Ltd.
Ravital Ltd.
Belleville Management Ltd.
Rem-Real Estate Management Ltd.
Machless Tecvhnologies Ltd.
Portal Trade Ltd.
China Sinkong Investment Holdings Ltd.
Machless Technologies Ltd.

81932 LD Holdings SA.
832936 WF Holdings SA.
0372 DD Holdings SA.
0725162 HK Holdings SA.
932726 Property Holdings SA.
017325 Property Holdings SA.
Windrush Holdings SA.
Yeaoman Holdings SA.
Jeelmann Property SA.
Rawson Holdings SA.
Tallisman Group SA.
Account 2239 Holdings SA.
Brilliant Circle Holdings Ltd.
Brilliant Circle Investments SA.
Brilliant Circle International Ltd.
Fuchy Holdings Company Ltd.
TWS Technology International Limited.
JS International Transportation SA.
Chen Zhen Trading Company Limited.
KamHoldings Limited.
Property & Financial Holdings Limited.
Brightoil Tanker 192 Corporation.
FS  Holdings Group Ltd.
Erin Resources SA.
Julius Shea Klein.
Liquid Telecommunications Holdings Ltd.
Austin Eco Holdings Limited.
Karrina Holdings SA.
Jedwood Group Holdings SA.
Aviation International SA.

Tavistock Holdings SA.
Mandeville Holdings SA.
Valois Holdings (Luxembourg) SA.
Valois Group Net (Luxembourg) SA.
Gastetna Holdings SA.
Neauchatel Prive Holdings Group SA.
Carfax Group Holdings Ltd.
DPG Holdings (Guernsey).
de Noailles Group Holdings SA.
de Noailles Nominees SA.

Mossack Fonseca Property Trust SA.
Mossack Fonseca Property Group SA.
Mosfon Nominees.
Mossack Fonseca (UK) Ltd.
Trent Properties Ltd.
Trinity Properties.
Mossfiun Secretaries SA.
Directors Nominees (Luxembourg) SA.
Directors Nominees (Zurich) Ltd.
Dacron Holdings SA.
Mossfiun (France).
Mossfiun (Luxembourg).
Mossfiun (Netherlands).
Mossfiun (Jersey).
Mossfiun (Guernsey).
Mossfiun (Nevis).
Mossfiun (Bahamas).
Mossfiun (IOM.
Custodian Ltd.
GJ Nominees (Seychelles).

Breganza Holdings SA.
Breganza Family Trust SA.
Breganza Group Holdings SA.
Talhouët Group Holdings SA.
Créquy Family Trust SA.
Lalaing Family Trust SA.
Vincize Family Trust SA.
Chambrun Family Trust SA.
Lavall Family Trust SA.
Delcoiut Family Trust SA.
Quaperlake Management Ltd.
Jericho Group Holdings SA.
Quaperlake Investments SA.
Fonseca (Guernsey) Ltd.
Fonseca (Cayman) Ltd.
Fonseca (Nevis) Ltd.
Fonseca (Vaduz) AG.
Emma Entertainment Foundation.
The Lazarus Global Foundation.
Lenox Global Foundation.
Venture Capital International.
Ilitha Group.
Forsythe Group SA.
United Shipping Group SAM.
Sigale Enterprises Limited.
Stroma Ltd.
Pentrin Transport & Trading Ltd.
Metropole Trading Company Ltd.
Mideast Investments Ltd.
Inco Trust Group.

Leeman Consulting Group.
CEC Group Limited.
Gazeera Holdings Ltd.
Cormoran Trading LLC.
Matignon Marketing SA.
Eros Development Inc.
Santos Management Group Inc.
Wyman Development Inc.
High Budget Corp.
Ushwaya Finance Corp.
Lowell International Co.Inc.
Kaye Associates Corp.
Oscar Investments Company SA.
Crawford Universal Inc.
Alma Business Group SA.
Figa Pacific Inc.
Dundal Associated Inc.
Ribas Business Inc.
Waltz Consultants SA.
Royce Foundation.
De Vernon Secretaries SA.
Verena Developments Ltd.
De Vernon Group SA.
Brierfield Estates Limited.
First Names Group (Jersey).
Haworth Inc.
Pirie International Inc.
Azure Limited.
Woodvale International.
Loretto SA.

M.F Corporate Services Nevada Ltd.
Mossfiun Subscribers Ltd.
International Holdings (NIUE) Inc.
First Shareholders Limited.
Whitestone Ltd.
Castle Finance Corp.
Suggest Ltd.
Rockwell Ltd.
Bravewood Ltd.
Chadrose Ltd.
Montfort Ltd.
Mossack Fonseca & Co (Cyprus) Ltd.
Forbest Ltd.
Kelldyne Ltd.
Hatherley Limited.
Epsilon Nominees Ltd.
First International Consulting Corp.
Denby  Ltd.
Orion International Holdings Ltd.
Kelsey Ltd.
Parkridge Ltd.
Castreena Holdings (Cyprus).
Lima Holdings Group (Panama).
Fentron Trustees SA.
Palamino Holdings SA.
Castlerock Nominees SA.
Castlerock Secretaries SA.
A1 Account Nominees (Deleware).
A2 Account Nominees (Delaware).
A3 Account Nominees (Deleware).

Eclipse Property Holdings Ltd
Orient Lucky Horse Holdings.
Intelligent Commercial Co.
Sunevision Holdings Ltd.
IT Network Ltd.
Super-Office Ltd.
Dragon Zone Ltd.
Fine Sky Limited.
Great Target Ltd.
Expert Best Int'l Holdings.

Delafield Commercial Ltd.
Polimax L.L.C Ltd.
Garold Projects Ltd.
Quantex Interinvest Ltd.
Rantex Alliance Ltd.
Tillberg Commercial Ltd.
Forline Plus Ltd.
Filverta Commercial Ltd.
Balord Commercial Ltd.
Elard Inc.
Dafforned Systems Ltd.
Elluva Invest Ltd.
Sibers Group Ltd.
Malberto Group Ltd
Akento Projects Ltd.
D & E Asian IT Investments Ltd.
Storwell Group Ltd.
Anabel Financial Services Ltd.
Dionta Marketing Ltd.
AET Travel Ltd.

AE Projects Ltd.
Staby Management Ltd.
Medical Diagnostics Ltd.
Ifoda Group Europe Ltd.
Vitona Group Ltd.
Florex Enterprises Ltd.
Delevale Projects Ltd.
Delatech Services Ltd.
Dimax Properties Ltd.
Groveney Express Ltd.
Arina Shipping Ltd.
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Parnett Global Ltd.
Gainshill Universal Inc.
Eloy Group Ltd.
Tibert Markets Inc.
Nordend Commercial Ltd.
Altaians Investments Ltd.
Rigonda Associates Ltd.
Trans Invest Capital Ltd.
Uniros Group Ltd.
Continental Oil Group Ltd.
Czech Cars Ltd.
Maxtor Consultancy Ltd.
North Winds Asia Ltd.
Berlond Group Ltd.
Adey Ventures Ltd.
Adefo Group Inc.
Rostorg Ltd.
Dalorta Projects Ltd.

Evkon Company Ltd.
Stamor Trade Ltd.
Venkor Trade Ltd.
Adora Systems Ltd.
Averno International Ltd.
Abelo Interhold Inc.
Beasley Projects Ltd.
Wartsilya Marine Supply Ltd.
Lidena Intergroup Ltd.
Rozen Management Ltd.
Global Aviation Group Ltd.
Agota Plus Ltd.
Neptun Group Ltd.
Firmin Advisory Ltd.
Wexford International Inc.
Sanberg Solutions Ltd.
Monroe Assets Ltd.
Nettleton Consult Ltd.
RML Ltd.
North West Developments Ltd.
Cybermaster Inc.
Novelon Group Ltd.
Karyon Group Ltd.
Selkent Management Services Ltd.
Selink Projects Ltd.
Ailana Trade Ltd.
Azi Company Ltd.
Bart Solutions Ltd.
Estrona Trade Ltd.
Amparo West Ltd.

Eastwest Financial Services Ltd.
Mosca Ltd.
Lowndes Investment Holdings Limited.
Herbertcrest Limited.
Keywood Property Holdings Ltd.
Nesma Inc.
Cavalry Investment Holdings  Limited.
Falon Investment Holdings Limited.
Gulf Leisure Investments Limited.
Hacienda Estates Overseas Limited.
Hans Lodge Limited.
Formax Limited.
Mississippi Systems Limited.
China House Holdings Limited.
Live Flight Video Entertainment Ltd.
Tideway Ltd.
Halkin Holdings Limited.
Aureum Overseas Developments Ltd.
Cheval Holdings Limited.
Arlington Street Holdings Limited.
Ablon Investment Holdings Limited.
Sherco Investment Holdings.
Amberglade Property Holdings Ltd.
Sprintforth Company Limited.
Mafalda Investment Holdings Limited.
Beacham Holdings Limited.
Jamco Investment Holdings Limited.
English Commercial Property Holdings.
North View Properties Limited.
C.R. Property Holdings Limited.

Selitex Consulting Ltd.
Bainbridge Alliance Ltd.
Goldstar Equity.
Cristal Commercial Ltd.
Squire Global Consulting Ltd.
Oilrock Services Management S.A.
Petroleum Group Management S.A.
Powermix GmbH Corp.
Alter Group Management S.A.
Jayda International Investments Inc

D.F. Foundation.
The Lester Foundation.
Haven International Foundation.
TCB Foundation.
Victorian Sky Foundation.
CIS Investment Foundation.
Blackstone Foundation.
Compass International Foundation.
Langley International Foundation.
Moorland International Foundation.
Sherwood International Foundation.
Harbour International Foundation.
Richmond International Foundation.
Gleam Foundation.
Blueflower International Foundation.
Alliance Emerging Invest's Foundation
Fordingbury Foundation.
Amber International Foundation.
La Honda Foundation.
Ventus Venture Foundation.

Exaltation Limited.
Montrosebrighton Limited.
Phantom International Holdings Ltd.
UF Universe Foundation.
Ata Holdings (BVI.
Coast Island International Holdings (BVI).
Ata Nominees (BVI).
The Balboa Trust.
Ata Group (BVI).
Sinoventure Holdings Limited.
Tristar Enterprise Holdings Inc.
Esc International Nominees (BVI) Limited
Brascus Ltd.
Amendola International Inc.
Ladoren Ltd.
Amendola International Corp.
Mulberry Group Holdings Ltd.
Plaza Equity.
Doma Holdings Inc.
Montrosebrighton Ltd.
Hudson Blue Ltd.
Genesis 2001 Ltd.
Shark (BVI) Inc.
Allenet Corporation.
Monitor Holdings Ltd.
Archambo Holdings Limited.
Smithsonite Corp.
Global Exploration & Production Mang't.
Teletec International Holdings SA.
Craven International Holdings SA.

Hampshire International Holdings SA.
Great Ocean International Trading SA.
Armando International Holdings SA.
Belgravia International Holdings SA.
International Books Holdings SA.
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Dunure International Holdings SA.
Narinvest International Holdings SA.
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Fox International Holdings SA.
Domizilium International Holdings SA.
Hayden Holdings International SA.
Juno International Holdings SA.
Magna International Holdings & Co. SA.
China Bright International Holdings SA.
Hugo International Holdings Co. SA.
Billion International Holdings SA.
Yale International Holdings SA.
Chiswick International Holdings SA.
Romigeo International Holdings SA.
Valient International Holdings SA.
Freeport International Holdings SA.
Jackwood International Holdings SA.
Shery Holdings International SA.
Compton International Holdings SA.
Quadrant International Group Holdings.
Shepstone International Holdings SA.
Tricom International Holdings SA.
Arcon International Holdings Co. SA.

International Man't Co.Services (Russia).
Global Emerging Markets Russia Ltd.
Winchem Russia Limited.
Russia Oilmetal Export Ltd.
Tiens (Russia) Investment Holdings Ltd.
Tiens (West Europe & Russia) Invest Co.
Tiens (West Europe & Russia) Invest Ltd.
Tiens (Russia) Investment Development.
China-Russia Trading Company Limited.  
Firstire (Russia) Inc.

ATC Corporate Services (Lux)
Citrus Global Ltd.
Dorma Nominees SA.
Plaza Nominees SA.
Teletec Nominees SA.
Craven Nominees SA.
Amendola Nominees SA.
Trustco Nominees (Panama).
Jelena Nominees (Panama).
Martindale Holdings SA.

Mindvalley Russia Inc.
Henley Estates Russia & CIS Ltd.
Russia Metal International Limited.
Russia Wireless Holdings Ltd.
Continental Russia Travel Ltd.
New Russia Venture Partners Ltd.
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Frank Muller Russia Ltd.
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Exxonmobil Gas Ventures (Russia) Ltd.
Exxonmobil Russia LNG Limited.
Kerzner Int'l Russia Services Limited.
Exxonmobil Russia Holdings Limited.
UFG Russia Investments Limited.
Holcroft (Limited Partner) Limited.
Tazarra (Limited Partner) Limited.
Birchal (Limited Partner) Limited.
ADT Ltd.
Teadale Ltd.
Ronvietle Limited.
Gloride Limited.
Heydon Limited.
CMMC Limited.
Wayverne Limited.
Albion Limited.
Logistica Limited.
Imran Limited.
Clova Limited.
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Monk Limited.

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Rhum Limited.
Impa Limited.
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Shanghai Limited.
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Novopath Limited.
Fordberry Limited.
Lantrovision Limited.
Capful Limited.
Bramare Limited.
Pennystone Limited.
Baronglen Limited.
Elmond Limited.
Noravel Limited.
Lindway Limited.
Barsac Limited.
Riverhill Limited.
Silke Limited.
Arra Limited.
Southcote Limited.
Wellsky Limited.
Vettifloss Limited.

Billieken Limited.
Sunstream Limited.
Louellen Limited.
Dunnington Limited.
Amodene Limited.
Kortunol Limited.
Habagat Limited.
Brownlow Limited.
MLCB Limited.
Laroch Limited.
Asheridge Limited.
Esha Limited.
Swallowfield Limited.
Valentina Limited.
Picoimages Limited.
Westroad Limited.
Badenoch & Clark Luxembourg Sarl.
LuxNetwork S.A.
Swallows Nominees S.A.
Swallows  Secretaries.
Kensington Nominees (London)
Kensington Secretaries (London)
Knightsbridge Nominees (London)
Knightsbridge Secretaries (London)
Trustco Nominees.
Valemead Secretaries.
Valemead Nominees.
Chelsea Secretaries (London)
Chelsea Nominees (London).
Sloane Nominees (London)

Offshore Banking

Introduction to Offshore Private Banking From Only  €1,800.

Offshore Company Registry Formations have close working relationships with a number of international banks across the globe, specializing in the provision of international banking services for offshore companies.

Offshore Trusts

Trusts and Foundations are often the central feature of the financial planning of high net worth individuals and their families. Our trust clients include many institutions and international high net-worth families who seek the benefits of employing independent trustees and directors combined with experienced, professional administration. Complete package  €1,900.

Offshore Company Formation

From Only  €1,300

We offer clients a professional corporate formation and administration service in a broad range of offshore jurisdictions. Client companies which we represent are used for many purposes such as portfolio and property investment, trading, patent, royalty and copyright holding, ship and aircraft ownership.

View offshore trust packages

Due to ever increasing new legislation regarding money laundering / annual corporate compliance, we may need to undertake additional administrative work which may result in additional charges from time to time.  

Part of the Business Services Group International, 5 Rue Jean Monnet, 2180 Luxembourg